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Intimacy Choreography in Conversations Podcast (Ann James and Carly D. Weckstein)

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Using Intimacy Direction to Create a Culture of Consent Post-COVID

This conversation is presented as part of Directors Lab West Connects, an 8-day series of live-streamed conversations and Q&As crafted for and by theater directors and choreographers that will reflect upon, explore, and inspire paths forward in the transformed and transforming nature of live theater. 

How On-Set “Intimacy Coordinators” Are Helping to Fix a Broken Entertainment Industry

Ita O'Brien is at the forefront of a new era of communication, boundaries and consent in film and television production...

As a society, we’re in the midst of a redefinition of what it means to be “smart.” The dehumanizing effects of relentless algorithmic optimization and data-driven thinking have brought into sharp relief the value of emotional intelligence (commonly referred to as “EQ”) as a key leadership skill and a springboard to not only individual success, but collective success as well...

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